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Michael Kruck live @ Docklands Festival
Michael Kruck live Docklands Festival 21.05.2011 by Michael Kruck
Michael Kruck - Wobble EP //Zero Point Five Records Preview
Here is Zero Point Five records with release number six. This time with the debut single of the german techno dj and producer Michael Kruck. The man from western germany is resident dj in the fusion club in Muenster and presents his first own release on our label. The original track Wobble is a massive, straight techno breaker. In addition to the original mix, we have some very nice remixes: 
At first the remix by the new austrian techno star Niereich, together with his studio partners Mike Ban and Dietmar Wohl. They're releasing lots of great techno stuff and we have the pleasure to present their dark and progressive remix. 
The second remix is done by Stefano Infusino, the italien producer from Florence shows his straight remix to us.
Remix number three is done by the german Sebastian Groth. He runs the label ReWashed LDT with lots of releases at this time and made a big bassy work for this release.  At least there is the remix by the Zero Point Five label owner Stefan Senk and his Version of Wobble.
Out on 1st of june!! Check it out...
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Michael Kruck live @ District One // S-One Club Hamm
Michael Kruck Live District One @ S-One Club Hamm 14.05.2011 by MichaelKruck
District One @ S-One Club Hamm
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05.06.2017 - MONOTON:audio
Michael Kruck - Tension Machine 15806347.jpg


June 2016
01. Michael Kruck - Lanolin (Original Mix) - MOD

02. Cirez D - Century of the Mouse (Original Mix) - Mouseville

03. Helmut Kraft - Centaur (Original Mix) - MONOTON:audio

04. Sandro Galli - Monolith (Original Mix) - Technodrome

05. Redial Tone - X (Original Mix) - Kaputt

06. Nature Soul Cybertronic - Illusions (Original Mix) - MONOTON:audio

07. Slam - Significs (Original Mix) - Soma Records

08. Chris Hope - Out of Sight (Al Zwodezwo Remix) - AK Lieder

09. Jeff Rushin - Decline into Shadows (Original Mix) - Wall Music

10. Ricardo Garduno - Cicles (Blackgoat Remix) - Spark Musik

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